37 week update! 

Bp- 110/80 (woohoo!) 
Weight- 25+ (not for sure of the number) 
Baby’s bpm- 135 

The ultrasound revealed that Asa is vertex and estimated to be 7.4-7.6 lbs, though that could be off by up to a pound. He still has plenty of amniotic fluid, he’s growing perfectly, and generally everything looks great! 

However, my appointment sucked. The OB came in, told me that I’ve gained way too much weight, then checked my cervix and said that he hadn’t dropped at all and that my cervix was still closed. She then went on about how she’s been doing her job for fifteen years and knows that my chances for a successful VBAC are slim to none and that if he hasn’t dropped in a week or two, I need to go in for another Cesarean just because. I cried when she left the room, but I’m feeling better now. Unless my blood pressure sky rockets or I don’t go into spontaneous labor before 41 weeks, everything says that we’ll at least be able to labor. 

Only three more weeks until the EDD!
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  2. alliemumblrbear said: How rude! I didn’t drop till I was in active labor. That’s so dumb
  3. mommasharkxtwo said: You are such an adorable pregnant lady. Glad everything is going well for you and the bebe.
  4. -hythe said: Fuck that. Tell her you refuse a cesarean unless medically necessary. There’s no need to do what she wants for her convenience; it’s your delivery. And how the hell is ~25 pounds too much weight gain for a pregnancy?
  5. subversiveparenting said: Ignore everyone tbh. Get your freak on, a lot. Like seriously fuck like you’re TTC over 35 and desperate
  6. mamabehr said: ahhhhh I can’t believe it’s so close! congratulations! I’m happy everything looks good :) I hope everything goes well and I really hope you get the vaginal birth you want, but if not then I’m sure everything will go perfectly ♡
  7. wild--rumpus said: fuck her. what’s she gonna do? rip him out without your consent? you know your body. if everything is going right, labor on, mama!